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… to the site created to support to owners of paralyzed dogs and also to help find homes for paralyzed dogs in need, wherever they may be.  Please follow the links in the sidebars to explore the site.


  • Paralyzed dogs don’t have good quality of life
  • They must be sad/depressed/immobile
  • Dogs that are paralyzed are in pain
  • Caring for a paralyzed dog is time consuming and expensive

dog wheelchair

The Reality:
Paralyzed dogs do take more looking after than able bodied dogs, but they don’t need round the clock care.  Canine paralysis is not a death sentence – like any dog a paralyzed dog lives for the moment.  They don’t lie around feeling sorry for themselves, instead they just get on with life, adapting to their disability.  Paralyzed dogs are the same as any other dog,  their legs just don’t work.  They can play, get into as much trouble as any able bodied dog and in a cart you may well find yourself struggling to keep up.


To list a dog needing rescue or adoption please CONTACT US providing as much information as possible.